Flying Skull Ultimate Seaweed Blend 250ml

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Flying Skull Ultimate Seaweed Blend 250ml

Flying Skull’s Ultimate Seaweed Blend is blended, top quality seaweed, minimally processed to retain freshness, and packaged with care in the USA. USB’s proprietary blending of cold-extracted seaweed gives the plant a unique food source and contributes to more flavourful and aromatic produce.


Formulated for use just prior to bud set and throughout the bloom cycle.
Add USB to the water or nutrient feed.
As an option you can use it throughout the plant’s entire life.

Root Dosage & Application:
Add 0.5ml to each 4 litres of water or nutrient, or add 5ml for every 40 litres of water used.
Apply USB to the roots by hand or add to nutrient holding tanks.
If USB is added to holding tanks, apply Flying Skull’s Z7 to the tank every 3-5 days.
Add circulation pumps or air stones as well.

Leaf Spray Dosage & Application:
Use 5ml per litre of water.
Apply USB to leaves and stems after the use of On Schedule or during bloom.
Avoid spraying mature buds.
Use different regimens on separate plants to determine how many applications should be applied to future crops.

More Information
Brand Flying Skull