FishPlant Production Unit Complete Kit

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FishPlant Production Unit - Complete System

  • Tank size 1300L & Grow Bed 220L X2
  • Living food Eco System
  • Grow your own fresh herbs,spices, vegetables or ornamentals
  • Raise your own fish for harvesting or for ornamental purposes
  • Take your aquaponic production to the next level with the FishPlant Production Aquaponic System
  • The larger size provides twice the growing area and more than twice the fish tank volume of the FishPlant Family Unit, creating an even more stable environment
  • Under optimum management you could be harvesting 10 fish every 6 weeks and up to 7kg of biomass
  • The package includes everything necessary to setup the system including the clay pebbles
  • Full build instructions and operation guide are included
  • The FishPlant units operate on a flood and drain system with an autosiphon which provides efficient, low maintenance operation
More Information
Brand Fish Plant