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Brand IWS
Customize RDWC PRO IWS 8 Pot
FlexiTank 250 Litre Assembly DWC/Flood&Drain   + £130.00
RDWC Pro - Control Unit   + £240.00
DWC 19L Oxypot 2 Holes   + £7.00
DWC Lid for 19L Pot   + £2.80
DWC Basket 140mm   + £1.60
RDWC kitbag 4 pot starter   + £34.00
RDWC kitbag 4 pot addition   + £24.00
IWS PRO 25mm Flexi Tube Per Metre   + £2.50
13mm Flexi Tube per metre   + £1.50

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    Deep Water Culture System - 8 pot NEW

    Ready to Create Waves?

    • The root growth is exceptional in this deep water culture system.
    • Every pot in the IWS DWC contains an air stone which creates a constant stream of bubbles in the nutrient solution
    •  The roots hang down in this oxygen-rich solution where they can access everything they need 24/7.
    • The IWS DWC is compatible with chillers so even growers who struggle to control the temperature in their growing environment can benefit from the DWC

    How it Works

    • The plants sit in baskets with their roots suspended in the pots. An air stone in each of the pots creates a stream of bubbles and the roots take-up what they need.
    • The nutrient solution constantly circulates between the pots and the brain unit, keeping every pot topped up with the correct amount of solution and maintaining balanced nutrient levels, pH and EC. Floats in the brain unit determine when the minimum water level has been reached and trigger a refill from the water reservior

    Kit Does Not Include Air Pump, Airline or Airstones


    • 1 x 220 ltr Flexi Tank (Includes Fill Pump)
    • 1 x DWC Pro Brain + timer control unit
    • 8 x 19 litre pre-drilled outer bucket
    • 8 x Lid inc Observation Cap
    • 8 x Net Baskets
    • IWS Pro Flexi-Pipe (25mm)
    • IWS Pro Fittings
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    Brand IWS