Drip Cap 4inch

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Brand Cube Cap

DripCaps - 4" - Minimise Fungus Gnat & Algae

  • Save water and nutrient
  • Minimise algae, shore flies and their larva
  • Larger root mass is formed
  • Accelerated growth for young plants (crucial stage)
  • More oxygen available to plant
  • Room humidty reduced (a must for flowering stage)
  • Reusable,Recyclable
  • DRIPCAP splits apart down the centre, making easy to install
  • The two permanently attached hose holders on the top of the DRIPCAP® are a “friction fit” method of attachment
  • Using a gently sloped angle on the inside of the hose, holding cylinders enabled us to obtain a snug compression fit on the outside of the hose, creating a firm tight seal without leakage
  • 1 or 2 hose attachment
  • With two propagation hoses attached there are four dripping holes underneath the cap for even dripping onto the medium
  • The dripper holes are the diameter of 2mm each
  • DRIPCAP covers the growing mediums surface from an elevated position
  • Air vents are incorporated into the sides of the cap allowing for the correct amount of air exchange as well as slowing the evaporation rate of your water & nutrients, saving money & resources
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Brand Cube Cap