Hesi ClonFix Rooting Hormone 100ml

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ClonFix Rooting Hormone 100ml

ClonFix is a rooting gel that contains synthetic auxins that stimulate the stems on plant cuttings, encouraging them to sprout new roots much faster. It can be used in your preferred growing medium. Clone your favorite plants and keep them alive and kicking forever!

This rooting gel guarantees a 100% success rate when rooting clones, and if you’re using an electric heated propagator that can keep the temperature above 24C and RH over 90%, they should be ready to plant within a week.

Cuttings are essentially live plants with no roots yet – this is why it’s important to give them a soft source of light during the rooting process so that it can slow down its internal metabolic processes, which helps to stop it from drying up.

We recommend combining it with other products such as Hesi’s Root Complex once the roots begin to show, and then using a base fertilizer for the growth period such as TNT Complex by hesi in soil and coco coir, or Hydro Grow in hydroponics or aeroponics.

Dosage and how to use ClonFix:

  • Before starting, pour a little amount of gel into a small container; enough to fit about 1cm of your plants’ stems into them.
  • Make your cuttings and prepare them quickly in order to dip them as soon as possible and avoid them being exposed to the air for too long.
  • Once they’ve been dipped and have a thin layer of ClonFix, place them in your chosen rooting medium.
  • Place your clones in a closed-vent propagator and keep the temperature over 24C and RH at 90%.
  • Three days later, open the vents ever so slightly to lower the humidity to 70%.
  • Once your clones begin growing again, you can transplant them to your preferred growing medium. Make sure your clones’ substrate is never dry, although it shouldn’t be soaking either.
More Information
Brand Hesi