Grotek Blosson Blaster Pro 500ml

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Blossom Blaster Pro 500ml

Blossom Blaster Pro promotes flower production while improving plant and root growth. Use as a foliar spray or root drench during the earliest stages of slower development. The formula contains high phosphorus which triggers flowering and maximises cellular metabolic processes, improving the plants development.

Direct For Use:

Shake well before using. Commence use during floral initiation before or at bud break. Apply 2-3 times per crop cycle, between bud break and fruit set.

Foliar Spray:

Mix 1/8 tsp per 1.25 qt of water (0.5ml/ 1L) and spray plant foliage.

Water Culture:

Mix 1/4 tsp per 1.25 qt of water (1ml / 1L). 

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Brand Grotek