Amazon 32 Pot System Ultimate Growing System

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Brand Nutriculture DGS
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Amazon - 32 Pot System
Serious Growth For Serious Growers

  • Aeroponics system as used by NASA
  • Get the Largest yields Fast
  • Mesh pots suspend in a misting chamber for rapid nutrient uptake 
  • No restriction of oxygen to the roots
  • No build up of damaging nutrients salts
  • Plants in Amazon take up much more water and nutrients than any other system. More oxygen, water and nutrients a plant can absorb, the better the yield
  • Unrestricted access to oxygen, nutrient and water = explosive growth
  • Healthy root zone - lack of growing media reduces risk of pests and disease
  • Easy transplant directly from the X-stream
  • Clean and very little waste
  • Easy access to root zone for inspection
  • Just under 80cm square
  • Perfect for 1.2m2 Tent
  • 50 Litre Tank

Replacement Parts:

  • 80mm Mesh Pots
  • Maxijet Pump - MJ1000
More Information
Brand Nutriculture DGS