Hailea 9820 Air Pump Ultra Quiet

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Brand Hailea

Air Pump - High Output - 10 output gives 5.8L/min to each stone

  • Hailea 9820
  • 3500 L/hr, 58L/min
  • Fixed high output air pump that is made for quiet running and features long life Supaflex Valves
  • Ideal for aerating nutrient solutions
  • 10 output gives 5.8L/min to each stone
  • Comes with a 10 output manifold and short flexi pipe 13mm into 8mm to connect


  • 13mm output, of pump. Can use our 13mm pipe
  • 4mm outputs from manifold. Use our 4mm airline
  • Manifold supplied has 10x 4mm outputs and an 8mm input
More Information
Brand Hailea
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