Adjust A Wings Defender Hellion DE Adapter

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Brand Adjusta Wing

The Hellion ballast is dimmable, you can run your lights at 3 different settings, 450W, 600W & 750W. The dimmable ballast allows you to hang your light lower without the worry of over stretching or burning your plants. With a double ended bulb, plants get an even light spread not achievable in single ended lamps. Ballasts can be connected as a full fixture or left separate outside the grow room.

Superior technology that won't cook your plants.

The Hellion can sit comfortably just 45cm above your plant canopy, maximum light penetration without the burn.

Ideal if there's a little headroom.

Reduced heat.

Suprt spreaders are designed to disperse radiant heat, not to block light. They ensure that all plants feel nice and warm, not just the ones directly beneath the lamp, offering uniform growth, bigger canopy and greater overall yield.

Incredible light spread means bigger yields.

The Hellion produce perfect, even light distribution across your crop. No hot spots or cold corners, just beautiful growth.

Absolute lighting control.

  • 5 reflector width settings
  • 5 lamp height settings
  • Seasonal light and heat fluctuations can be simulated. The high frequency ballast offers accurate colour rendering.
  • The defender reflector offers 92% reflectivity with a heat resistant titanium white coating; with the spine and spreader its 97%

Freedom to move.

Adjust-A-Wings reflectors are purposefully lightweight. Air movement in the grow room will gently sway the reflector, lighting areas that static fixtures cannot.

[A bit of history]

In 2016, Adjust-A-Wings notified that they have developed a digital dimmabe ballast named Hellion.

Hellios is the Greek Sun God, Hellion is a rowdy person.

More Information
Brand Adjusta Wing