GroLux Sylvania HPS 600W 400V

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Brand Sylvania

 GroLux Sylvania HPS 600W 400V Flowering Lamp

  • For 400V systems, such as the HSE 600W , Gavita Pro 600W and the new Digilight PRO MAX 600W
  • Extreme high light output
  • Patented arc tube delivers highest photosynthetic efficiency of any lamp in the world
  • Performance maintained at an exceptional level due to improved structure of outer bulb
  • Optimised for the highest Phytolumens or PAR output
  • GroLux light spectrum maximises red output essential for plant growth
  • Industry leading lumen maintenance of 95% at the end of life
  • Suitable for a plethora of applications related to plant growth

Please note that we recommend that you replace bulbs after 2-3 grow cycles to maintain optimal performance within your grow area



More Information
Brand Sylvania