Osram HPS 1000W

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Brand Osram

Osram - SonT Plus 1000W - Flowering Bulb

  • Vialox - Nav-T Model
  • Lumen output approx.- 140,000 Lumens approx
  • HPS
  • Osram are a tried, tested, and trusted manufacturer that consistently produces highly effective and reliable HPS grow lights
  • This 1000W HPS is no exception and will give any gardener some serious growing power – just remember to replace the bulbs around once every 8 months as they do degrade over time
  • Overall, one of the best HPS lights on the market and highly recommended
  • Always allow bulbs to cool after switching off before replacement

Please note that we recommend that you replace bulbs after 2-3 grow cycles to maintain optimal performance within your grow area

More Information
Brand Osram