2.4 x 2.4M 4x 600w Light Tent Kit

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Brand Hyjo
Customize 2.4 x 2.4M 4x 600w Light Tent Kit
203mm (8 inch) Duct Clamps x2   + £3.20
152mm (6 inch) Duct Clamps x2   + £2.80
Lift Light Hangers Easy Roller   + £9.50
Green Power 4 way Professional Contactor   + £99.00

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2.4 x 2.4M 4x 600w Light Tent Kit
2.4 x 2.4M 4x 600w Light Tent Kit

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    2.4 x 2.4M 4x 600w Light Tent Kit 

    This comprehensive three metre kit with six lights gives our growers options, not to mention a complete set to have a strong start.  The kit leads with matching equipment saving time, hassle and money.

    1. Two different 2.4 x 2.4 metre grow tents
    2. Three 8-inch outtake fans
    3. Two different  8-inch filters
    4. A decision on 8-inch fast clamps
    5. Five different types of 8-inch ducting
    6. Three different types of 6-inch intake fans
    7. Five different types of 6-inch ducting
    8. Five different reflectors
    9. 600w Ballasts
    10. A decision on Veg Lamp
    11. Seven different flowering lamps
    12. 8-inch ducting clamps
    13. 6-inch ducting clamps
    14. Five different circulating fans
    15. 4 -way timers
    16. Four different fan controllers
    17. Easy rollers
    18. Strap Set
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    Brand Hyjo