Jupiter 2 Light Mover Kit 2

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Brand Jupiter 2

Jupiter 2 - Light Mover - Kit 2 - 3 Lights

Comes with:

  • 2m Aluminium Rail
  • Variable time delay motor (0 - 60 sec)
  • 2m Track cross bar

But hang on whats wrong with stationary lights?

  • Stationary lights create shading under the canopy due to the light being absorbed by the top leaves
  • This causes a colour spectrum shift under the canopy producing leggy growth profiles
  • Uneven distribution of light energy causes plants to bend towards the highest point of light instensity, resulting in poor growth in the remaining areas
  • Essentially some of your plants risk ending up being to far from their light source, and some will inevitably end up to close and burning the top foliage
  • 1000W are particularly fierce in this respect and benefit particularly well from being mounted on a Jupiter 2 light mover

More Information
Brand Jupiter 2