F&D PRO 12 Pot Flexitank

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Brand IWS
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F&D PRO 12 Pot Flexitank
F&D PRO 12 Pot Flexitank

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    Flood & Drain PRO - 12 Pot System

    • 250L or 400L FlexiTank
    • Works by flooding bottom of pot at pre-programmed times
    • Effectively delivers nutrients direct to root system
    • As the nutrient is drained from the flooded medium, fresh oxygen is drawn in around the root zone giving your roots a boost everytime

    What's Included in the 12 Pot System?

    • Nutrient tank with pump
    • Control unit
    • IWS timer
    • 12 x pots with stands
    • Choice of aqua, culture or punched inner pots (with copper mats)
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    Brand IWS