RAM Clip on Fan 150mm

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RAM 150mm Clip on Fan
RAM 150mm Clip on Fan - low voltage

Clip on Fan - 150mm

  • Also available in low voltage 12 volt DC Safer to use around water
  • 150mm / 6 inch
  • Simple to clip on anywhere in your grow room
  • Adjustable head
  • Perfect for grow tents and or clone stations
  • High output and quiet motor
  • 2 speeds
  • Complete with 1.4m power cord and UK power supply


Air movement in grow area is a must:

  • Plants need fresh air circulation to breath in CO² and move O² (oxygen) it created away
  • Heat created from HID lamps need to be dissipated from the plant otherwise they will wilt and suffer from dehydration
  • Will help in plant growing thicker and stronger stems
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Brand RAM