Canna Mono Nitrogen (N) 1L

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Nitrogen (N) 1L

  • 18%(m/m) N: Contains: ammonium 6% amid nitrogen 11% and nitrate 10%
  • CANNA Nitrogen stimulates the growth of your plants
  • It plays a major part in the production of proteins and in the energy metabolism, which is essential for the development of the plant
  • It can be used for nitrogen deficiency and as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate the growth
  • Its also an essential nutritional element for improving the juice production
  • The liquid can be directly absorbed by the plant and improves the vegetative growth
  • These liquid minerals are easily soluble and can therefore be directly absorbed by the plant


  • CANNA's pure mono nutrients are produced from exceptional ingredients
  • All of CANNA's mononutrients are 100% nutrient compatible
  • The complete set of CANNA Mononutrients allows you to create your own nutirients mix
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Brand Canna