Bottomless Pollinator With two Trays P150

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Bottomless Pollinator With two Trays P150

  • Fill the drum, push the power button, lean back and enjoy the ride.
  • With the Bottomless Pollinatorthere is no longer any need to remove the drum for product collection or quality separation – You simply pop the machine including drum and plant material onto the next tray and continue turning while you collect your goodies.
  • We provide two collection trays with this machine, so you can start right away.
  • The longer you turn your material, the more plant contamination makes its way into your product.
  • In order to obtain separate batches with a quality gradient, we recommend to collect your trichomes periodically.
  • Bottomless Pollinator for the most userfriendly Dry Sift extraction available.
  • Capacity: ~150 g plant material
  • Screen: Standard 150 micron
  • Includes 2 collection trays

Pro tip:  The Pollinator P150 is designed to fit into a fridge or top-loading freezer. You will obtain the best Dry Sift results at low temperatures.

Note: Beware of condensation water!

Returns are only accepted for manufacturer defects. 

More Information
Brand Pollinator