Aptus Believer Starter Pack

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Brand Aptus

Aptus Plant -Tech - Believer Starter Pack


  • Startbooster 50ml
  • Regulator

Start booster:

  • Increased quality of soil (better water retention, soil structure, etc Concentrated humic acid from the Leonardite layer Humic acid improves water retention by increasing the structure of the growing medium
  • Beneficial bacteria use the carbon from Humic acid for anchorage and stimulation
  • Humic acid is an effective soil conditioner, which improves cation/anion exchange (helps with nutrient availability)
  • Better soil structure enhances microbial life which in turn may enhance nutrient availability and uptake


  • strengthens plant and protects during periods of stress
  • protects against heat stress
  • prevents problems with pests and diseases
  • improve uptake of nutrients
  • increases dry material ratio
  • makes plants more compact with shorter internodes distance
  • makes leaves stronger and greener
  • increases thickness of the stem


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Brand Aptus