Aptus Fungone 1L - Organic Fungicide

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Brand Aptus

Fungone is a preventive foliar spray that decreases pathogen problems on leaves while increasing the plants resistance to future attacks. It helps prevent fungal, bacterial and viral problems by cleaning the leaf and creating conditions that do not favour pathogen development. It prevents future infections by producing a preventive shield over leaves.

  • Prevent infections from viral, fungal and bacterial infections by cleaning plant surfaces
  • Creates a protective shield on the plant leaf surface
  • Non-toxic to plants and animals
  • Prevents bud rot and mildew

 Fungone is a ‘ready to use’ product, it must be sprayed directly on the plant.

Always ensure that the lights are off during spraying and that proper protection gear is used consisting of a mask and goggles, Fungone is not toxic and causes no residue on the plant.

More Information
Brand Aptus