Advanced Hydroponics Starter Kit

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Brand Advanced Hydroponics

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland - Starter Kit

  • Advanced Hydroponics Starters Kit, value for your money. All the required nutrition for your plants in one box!
  • This Starters kit includes the cultivation of 2 to 3 plants and leads to optimal Growth and Flowering results.
  • You try this starters kit from Advanced Hydroponics if smell, taste and quality important is!
  • Suitable for Soil, Hydro, Kokos and Rockwool.


  • Dutch Formula Grow - 500ml  
  • Dutch Formula Bloom - 500ml
  • Dutch Formula Micro - 500ml
  • Natural Power Root Stimulator - 250ml
  • Natural Power Growth Bloom Excellarator - 250ml
  • Natural Power Enzymes - 250ml
  • Natural Power Final Solution - 250ml
Hydroponics Soil Coco Foliar Feed Organic
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Brand Advanced Hydroponics